Chong uses a variety of modalities in his practice based on his profound knowledge of the body and the various alternative therapies he works with on a daily basis.  Depending on the issue, how long you’ve had it, where the pain is…, Chong will personalize the treatment to give you the most relief the fastest while focusing on the root cause of the problem.  For example, if you’ve just sprained your lower back, one treatment of cupping usually does the trick.  For severe pain, Chong may use moxibustion (a.k.a. moxa). He may start with the other modalities depending on the source and depth of your pain.


Chong really has an integrative approach to healing and not only looks at the physical issue (i.e. pain) but what organs are linked to pain in that particular area (liver and kidneys). Pain is usually the result of stagnant blood and stuck energy. If you get the energy flowing and the blood flowing, your body can thrive.