Acupuncturist Chong has been involved with and exposed to oriental healing arts much longer than he has practiced them. Originally from Korea, Chong grew up around acupuncture because his mother, being an acupuncturist herself, had a home clinic. Starting at the young age of eight, Chong would observe his mother at work. Chong also studied under two teachers who at that tender age taught him the basics and principles of acupuncture in such a way that it all made sense to young Chong.

He soon found himself doing acupuncture on his mother’s patients with her supervision until it became second nature for him.

He studied chiropractic while finishing high school and helped out at his mother’s clinic as well as doing acupuncture on his neighbors and friends.

As a senior in high school and with excellent grades in both written and practical, he was asked to teach chiropractic, a job that he did for two years before going to college to major in chemical engineering.

Chong moved to Los Angeles in 1986, held various jobs but kept thinking about his long lost passion, acupuncture. He went to school to get his formal education in acupuncture and became a licensed acupuncturist in 1997.

In Sung Accupuncture is based in Korea Town and Chong speaks Korean, English and some Spanish. He has three daughters who keep him on his toes.

Chong’s motto is “be happy”. With the proper state of mind, one of gratitude and joy, you can have a healthy vibrant life. He believes in healing from the inside out and teaches all his patients that the key to wellness is to eat healthy, exercise, be happy, and have peace of mind. If you let stress affect you, it will have negative consequences in your health. Even if you treat certain ailments, your ailments will most likely come back if you don’t fix the mind as well as the body. Mind, body, and spirit are truly one.